Beer O’Clock

Illustration: Lucy Sherston

Bison Beer have been one of our longest members at Hove Town Hall and everyone loves drinking their beers on Fridays and at the Socials. I had wanted to collaborate with them for ages but, as is often the way, it took a while to come to fruition. I’m so glad we could with Beer O’Clock for PLATF9RM.

I’ve been following Lucy’s work for so long and have always thought she’s super-talented. Supporting brilliant local artists and bringing them into the PLATF9RM family is one of my absolute favourite bits of my job! She’s painted murals in most of our meeting rooms and I now can’t imagine those rooms looking any differently. I’m happy to say the same for Beer O’Clock. It was important for Lucy to have the freedom to create, without a super strict brief. My only direction was wanting it to represent Brighton and a typical day/commute for our members. She nailed it with the illustration, cycling along the seafront with a beautiful Dalmatian.

I asked Myles and David to be involved because we’ve worked together before. This project is quite unique and it was vital we used people who understood PLATF9RM and what we’re about; they definitely did that! (It probably helps they both like beer more than me! Shh, don’t tell the Bison boys.) Overall, I think everything worked out deliciously…

Photo: Emma Croman

Read about the full collaboration here.