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Hosting Kickass Women @ PLATF9RM

Emilie Jean Maria Lashmar, born in Versailles, France and resides in Brighton, UK; perfectly sandwiched between the South Downs and the sea.

Emilie is the Creative Director of PLATF9RM, Founder of Brighton Creatives and ENFJ personality.

Emilie freelances, offering photography, web and graphic design services. Get in touch for any of your creative needs.

Emilie’s love of people, inclusive approach to work and eye for design has meant that, wherever she goes, communities build around her. She has extensive experience in building audiences from the ground up with both PLATF9RM and in her personal work. Emilie has a vast knowledge and understanding of generating and establishing communities and how to nurture them.

In 2021 with the PLATF9RM Team, launched Kickass Women, a place for women to find inspiration, resources and community.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been a creative entrepreneur, obsessed with staying ahead of the latest tech and design trends. When I was 11, before WordPress even existed, I made my first website. I would spend hours and hours writing code & creating graphics, late into the early hours. At university I shared my reflective diary of my studies via Twitter, in the very first year it was launched. I opened my own web and graphic design studio in Brighton aged 22, a decade ago and successfully ran it for six years before becoming a founding member of the PLATF9RM team in 2016. 

My strong creative vision and high EQ has served me well as Creative Director of PLATF9RM. I love listening to people – really listening – to understand their true passions and find them opportunities to satisfy their ambitions. I also enjoy coming up with great ideas, and pulling together the perfect teams to realise them. I have a tenacious eye for detail and an appreciation of fine quality, and I’m committed to achieving the very best results no matter what I’m working on. 

When not working on some creative project or another, I love nothing more than adventuring through nature or travelling to vibrant cities, capturing the beauty I see.

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